The Original M50 Manifold Silicone Hose Kit

Since 2008

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M50 Manifold Conversion

For 1996 - 2000 3/5/7 series having the S/M52 engine

Why would you want to change your intake manifold?
  • Earlier year model motors had larger intake manifolds that flow considerably more intake air.
  • Your later model engine will produce more horsepower with the earlier, larger, more freely flowing manifold.
  • The earlier model manifold has nearly 60% larger intake runners and will flow a much higher volume of air at high RPMs than the later model manifolds.

New 1 Piece Hose Shown Installed With All Accessories and Brackets Mounted Normally

What makes this kit stand out?
  • This manifold kit is the most economical and complete kit on the market.
  • No other manifold kit includes a throttle body seal that is the proper size.
  • No other manifold kit includes brackets that allow you to easily remount the crank case vent valve, the idle control valve, and the dip-stick back into their original locations.
  • No other manifold kit comes with 24/7 worldwide cell phone install support.

New 1 Piece Silicone Hose

1995/earlier - 1996/later

Custom Throttle Body Seal